Skeletoraxe. Animations with Haxe

Over 2 years ago I  was confronted head-on by the problem of Flash-Smartphones / Tablets transition: how to export Flash animations and make them work in our devices ?

After several searches on the web I learned that there were two types of methods to export animations: Spritesheet or Skeletal. The most commonly method used at that time was Spritesheet which create/export a complete image for each frame of the animation.
In my case I realized quickly that this method wasn’t ideal for my game GhostSplash which had more than 100 animations. Animations which had to be exported as big as possible because I had to make them work with the best possible resolution at any devices. TOO MUCH !

The Skeletal method was indeed the fittest, but back then there wasn’t Haxe  libraries to export my animations. Spine and GAF was the only alternatives but either were expensive or simply had not been implemented the Haxe version . Dragon Bones was one of the few wich proposed a free version but it only existed for AS3 and Flash.
It is for that reason that I decided to create Skeletoraxe.
I hope this library will be useful

Enjoy it !

You can download Skeletoraxe right here.

And here you are a little tutorial to learn how it works

Adobe Flash is becoming Adobe Animate CC


As we all know FLASH was condemned the moment Apple does not support it on the iPhone.

Over the last 4 years we have seen how Flash has been gradually disappearing from the market and even perceived as a toxic brand. It is for these reasons that Adobe has decided take the big step and kill definitely FLASH for giving way to Animate CC.

Already Flash features HTML5 Canvas and WebGL support, and Animate CC will continue to support and AIR SWF formats; so no changes there. However, there will be a series of new features added before the release date in early 2016, Which include:

+ 4k video support;

vector art brushes;

SVG animation for export;

colored onion skinning;

rotatable canvas;

Deep Integration with Adobe Stock;

integration with shared libraries.

However, i have not found any specification on how to export animations. Adobe opt for exportation in spritesheet? a exportation in skeletal animation (as GAF, Skeletoraxe or Spine)? or both?