Why OpenFl / Haxe ?


Build games and applications for almost every platform imaginable — Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Tizen, Flash and even HTML5. Bring your creative vision to life, on desktops, tablets, phones, even consoles. Publish to Steam, Amazon, OUYA… practically anywhere.


Unlock potential with an open, hackable platform that is 100% free and open-source, backed by a passionate and responsive developer community. Delve deep when you want the power or flexibility of a native codebase, but keep your hands clean when you are focused on content.


Accelerate your workflow with the fast, easy-to-use Flash API, as well as integrated support for SWF file assets, allowing use of the Flash editing environment directly. Build content in weeks instead of months, using a powerful and flexible programming language.

An important point to note is that  Haxe syntax is very similar to Actionscript syntax and this would allow us to preserve the large Actionscript  Community in the world

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